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3 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Back-to-School

The countdown is on! Here are a few ways we can help you prep your household for the new school year

As summer winds down, there's a lot to do to get your kids ready for a new year of academic and extracurricular pursuits. Between stocking up on pencils and planning new schedules, don't forget about your home. Here are a few ways our Smart Home Security system can help you.

Don't cool an empty house -- set the right temperature for studying

3 Ways to Make Back to School Safe and Easy

With the house empty all day, you can use geofencing with your smart thermostat to save money on cooling and heating. But when your kids are prepping for the big test, set your T5+ Smart Thermostat to 77 degrees, which according to a Cornell study helps them make less mistakes than 68 degrees.

No more latchkey, say hello to your kids when they get home

3 Ways to Make Back to School Safe and Easy

There was a day when you hoped you'd get a text or call from your son or daughter when they got home from school, now you can know. With Scheduled Facial Recognition(some limitations apply, visit here for details), Smart Home Security will alert you that they got home, AND if they brought someone home with them. With the optional Outdoor MotionViewer, you'll also get a notification if someone is outside and either turn a light on, or notify the police of something suspicious.

Bring your house to light

3 Ways to Make Back to School Safe and Easy

As homes become smarter, you have options to remotely adjust the light or even program certain lights to come on specific times. As we enter into fall, be sure your lights are scheduled to adjust to the shorter days. Starting off each day becomes much easier if you wake yourself to a programmable Philips Hue bulb connected to your home automation system, like Apple HomeKit. Set your son or daughter's bedside lamp to simulate the sun rising to gradually come to full light starting 15 minutes before their alarm goes off. They'll come to breakfast table a whole less grumpy.

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